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AFF Jumper Courses

Become an independent jumper

Our professional instructor staff will prepare you perfectly for the first jump and will be available throughout your journey for your first license of a stand-alone jumper.

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What is the AFF course?

AFF course is currently the fastest, safest and the most effective training method in the world. It allows you to quickly learn the rules of parachute jumping, master the basic skills of body control during freefall and safe landing.

three stages of the course:

The course consists of three parts: theoretical, ground and practical exercises.

    During theoretical training you will learn all of the safety rules, parachute jumping rules, parachute construction, the basics of aviation law in Poland and meteorology. Such trainings are organized upon prior appointment on Thursdays and Fridays. Usually they are held in a small (3-4 people) groups at our airport in Piotrków Trybunalski.
    This stage teaches keeping the correct silhouette during jumps, opening a parachute and behaving in an emergency situation.
    The student performs 2 jumps with two instructors and 5 jumps with one instructor - each from the height of 4000 meters. They assist in correcting the body posture in the air, control during the jump from the plane and during parachute opening. In short, they are always in direct contact with the student. Upon parachute deployment, the student stays in radio communication until a safe landing occurs. Each jump is recorded (video) and discussed afterwards.
    IMPORTANT! Instructors have the power to decide on the need for additional jumps - typically one or two more. This is due solely to safety concerns. In such a situation, the trainee is obliged to cover the cost of additional jumps.

What are the opportunities given by the AFF course?

Upon successful completion of the AFF course, eg. completing 7 jumps, you become a student-jumper. This means that you can perform your own jumps independently, remaining under ground supervision by the instructor. Before each jump he will check you and your equipment. He will watch your landings and skillset development. He will be at the airport at all times, ready to dispel any of your doubts and answer all your questions.

When number of your jumps exceed 50, you can take the Qualification Certificate exam. Once you pass the exam and receive your certificate, you become a stand-alone jumper with a PJ(B) state license issued by ULC (Civil Aviation Authority).

At this point the entire parachute world is facing you. You can do jumps in groups, grow in the field that you like best. To find out more about SkyForce offer for jumpers GO HERE.

Important information:

  • To take part in the course you will need to take out the OC insurance (possibility to buy insurance in the zone - price 150 PLN - valid for one year);
  • You must sign the agreement with the zone and show proof of identity and graduation certificate min. primary;
  • The weight of the student may not exceed 110 kg;
  • Medical examinations are not necessary;
  • The instructor should be informed of all illnesses and serious injuries;
  • You can join the course at least 16 years old. Minors must have the consent of both parents drawn up by a notary or signed on-site in SkyForce.

Choose a course that suits you best.

Contact us directly if you have any additional questions, or if you have any special wishes: / +48 511 556 326