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For jumpers

Propably the best conditions for jumpers in Poland

We offer themed jumps, camps, jumps in formations, as well as courses and examinations for licenses and certificates of qualifications. In short - a lot of fun and the possibility of rapid skillset development.

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SKYFORCE: Polish Skydiving Center
provides ideal conditions for jumpers

SkyForce in Piotrków Trybunalski is a unique place where all jumpers are always welcome. Here everyone will always find a place on our plane ;)

The SkyVan SC-7 is an ideal plane for group jumping (up to 22 people) in flat, vertical and track formations. It's wide ramp allows for comfortable exit even for wingsuiters. We've prepared discounted ticket packages for those who wish to save on bulk purchases.

Offer for jumpers

  • Jumps on every weekend - occasionally also during the week, outlets not switched off;
  • 22-seat SkyVan airplane - perfect for jumping and jumping in wingsuites;
  • 6K Jumps with oxygen equipment;
  • Discounted tickets packages - sets of 10, 50 and 100 jumps at favorable prices;
  • A wide range of equipment for rent (from large, educational, through transitional, to smaller);
  • Camps run by the best instructors in Poland and Europe (eg. canopy piloting, etc.);
  • Convenient parachute laying area;
  • Parachute laying courses;
  • Accommodation;
  • Toilets, showers;
  • Bar at the airport.

Coached Jumps

Coached jumps are an opportunity to grow, regardless of your level of advancement. Our on-site instructors will improve your flat fly, teach you jumping in groups, prepare for the exams and practice track flying and verticals with you.

Drop zone requirements for jumpers:


  • AAD automatic equipment;
  • Valid Certificate of Qualification PJ(B) or another license;
  • Valid arrangement of a spare parachute;
  • Liability insurance (OC)


  • helmet;
  • RSL;
  • suit.

Choose a package that suits you best.

All SkyForce jump tickets are valid indefinitely.
Contact us directly if you wish to receive a quote for groups, discounts,
or if you have any special wishes: / +48 511 556 326