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assault landing aircraft

We own the only military airplane in Poland, equipped with two powerful turbine engines Garett TPE 331. Thanks to them we can reach the altitude of 4200m in 13 - 15 min with a full "payload" on board.

SkyVan SC-7 is a military assault landing aircraft

It is the only unit in Poland equipped with two powerful Garett TPE 331 turbine engines. During workdays it serves the training of the most outstanding Polish paratrooper units, and opens on weekends for everyone.

It takes 22 people to board at once. It is extremely spacious and comfortable. Thanks to its engines, at full load, it reaches a ceiling of 4,200 meters in 13 - 15 minutes. SkyVan's rear exit is a wide ramp which makes tha airplane ideally suited for tandem jumping, coaching and large formations.

It is also adapted for high altitude jumps, oxygen cylinders and breathing apparatus are on board. It is always piloted by two pilots - by Piotr Jafernik and Edyta Bulowska.