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Multiplane HD Big Way Camp 40-way+ – 16-19 czerwca

Multiplane HD Big Way Camp 40-way+ (2 Skyvans)
16-19 June 2022 (Thursday – Sunday)
Sky Force DZ – the biggest DropZone in Poland with great facilities including covered swimming pool on site!
What planes?
2 Skyvans
With who?
Load Organisers / Coaches:
– Stéphane Fardel ( Babylon Freefly)
– Eliot Pothet (Babylon Freefly)
– Jakub Langowsky (Infamous Skydiving Team)
– Piotr “Novi” Noworol (Infamous Skydiving Team)
Event cameraman: Gustavo Cabana
For who?
Minimum requirements to participate in that event is an experience in at least small HD groups (10 way is an absolute minimum)
You have to understand and be able to approach formation both from Floater and Diver position, and be able to fly on your slot and the most important to be able to safely break off from the group.
Also good canopy skills and ability to fly in traffic of many parachutes are strongly recommended.
If you are not sure if that event is for you, ask your Coach/ Load Organiser who you are usually jumping with, that knows your flying skills and abilities.
Please also feel free to contact us!
Formula of the event?
We are planning to do 5 jumps a day (total of 20 in 4 days) depending on the weather we might squeeze them to do up to 7 jumps a day. Starting with warm up jumps in smaller groups we will be moving towards Big Way: 40Way and from High Altitude – no previous experience of jumping with oxygen is required, we will provide the training on site for those who will need it.
Registration fee: 300 euro
For warm up we are planning to jump in smaller groups (up to 20-ways) from approx. 4700-4900m (without oxygen) – price per ticket would be around 29-32 euro per ticket
For Big Ways jumps (from 30-way to 40-way+ ) we are planning to jump from 5500-5800m (with oxygen) – price per ticket would be around 45-47 euro.
We will inform you about the exact prices of the tickets as soon as the DropZone will confirm (most DZ’s in Poland have kept the same price ticket for the last few years but due to recent running costs raise they will be increasing the prices this year by a few Euros)
To register please send an email to : inmfs.events@gmail.com and provide informations such as:
1. Name and Surname
2. Phone number
3. Total number of jumps
4. Number of HD jumps
5. Biggest HD Formation You have been participating in (build up and not build up)
6. Name and Surname of Coach/Load Organiser that would confirm it.
Additional informations:
Violating the general safety rules in HD Big Way Formation jumps might result in Yellow Card- warning, Red Card- day on the ground, and in worst case scenario being kicked out from the event.
There is limited number of beds on site in bunk rooms (fairly new 5 years old containers with 4 beds and heater) with access to external showers and bathrooms.
DZ is located on the edges of Piotrków Trybunalski city, which offer plenty of hotels located max. 10-15min drive from the DZ (we will provide list of hotels after registration).
There is a restaurant on site next to the DZ facilities offering breakfasts, dinners and pizza, plenty of restaurants in the city to order takeaway, delivery or eat on site.
The nearest airports to the DZ are:
– Łódź (circa 45min drive)
– Warsaw Chopin (circa 1h)
– Wrocław (circa 2h15min drive)
– Katowice (circa 1h30min drive)
– This event is an unofficial Try-Out for the Polish HD Record in September – However, good performance will provide you a straight ticket to the Record Attempt Event (min. 30-way)
If you got any questions feel free to ask: infms.events@gmail.com
See You in the Sky !!!

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